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Acrylic Nails


Acrylic Nails


Acrylic Nails

Here at Beach Belle Beauty we are fully qualified nail technicians and we use high quality CND Acrylic Powder and our Monomer is MMA FREE.

Acrylic is for ladies who need length and strength.

It is also great for corporate or time poor ladies that want to be in and out fast and get  up to 3 weeks of their nails looking amazing.

NOW, this depends on many things, your natural nail growth and the amount of oil in the natural nail plate,   if you chew your nails and of coarse the job that you do.  However most ladies get 2-3 weeks between infill’s.

Any chemical can be harmful, however if taken off professionally and not pulled or chewed off, you will see little or no damage.

Full set $75……….Infill $60
Add Shellac for just $5.00

Summary: Most ladies love our acrylic nails as they are low maintenance and look beautiful right up until you need an infill.

“I came here for my wedding nails and have never walked out of a salon so happy. Michelle and Taylah are incredibly experienced and maintain such a high standard in their work. It doesn’t hurt that they are wonderful to talk to and made me feel at home while I was there. I would definitely return and recommend to future brides to be.”

Elise Helliwell

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